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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with AWMI

We are pleased to offer the following advertising and sponsorship opportunities to individuals and companies who would like to promote their name or products. If you have any questions about the information, please contact our International Marketing Chair, Anna Tompkins.

Thank you! We appreciate your support.


Please use these links for order forms to place an ad on our website or in our quarterly e-newsletter. Simply complete the appropriate form and mail it with your check to our headquarters as noted on the forms.

Website Advertising Order Form

E-Newsletter Advertising Order Form


2022 Annual Conference - San Diego, CA Nov 2-4

Please use this link for our conference sponsorship form.

Conference Sponsorship Opportunities Form

AWMI Committee Sponsorships

Please use this form to make donations to the ISF, to any specific committee, the general fund or to a special project that does not fall into a specific committee category.

Committee Sponsorships Form

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