AWMI’s International Leadership Structure is as follows:

International President

International Vice President

International Secretary

International Treasurer

Immediate Past President

-> International Officers

International Officers

Marketing Chair

Membership Chair

Mentoring Chair

Programs Chair

Regional Directors

-> Executive Committee (EC)

Executive Committee (EC)

Chapter Presidents

-> International Board of Directors (IBOD)

2021 Executive Committee Members

President    Sonya Malvick   Olympic Steel
Vice President    Mary Wardle   Steelscape, LLC
Secretary    Andrea Schmidt   Arconic
Treasurer    Beth Kitson   Gates Corporation
Immediate Past President    Carol Chizmar   Hydro
Marketing Chair    Anna Tompkins   Atlantic Recycling Group
Membership Chair    Rebecca "Becky" Dolan   InfoSight Corporation
Mentoring Chair    Sian Marcone   Arconic
Programs Chair    Kelly Jones   Kloeckner Metals Corporation
Central Regional Director    Ashley Kotowski   Big River Steel
Midwest Regional Director    Kim Weisner Andes Coil Processors
Northeast Regional Director    Amy Beard    Quaker Houghton
Southern Regional Director    Alicia Schmitt    SSAB Americas
Western Regional Director    Shawna Livingston    Washington Chain & Supply Inc.

Executive Committee - Bios

AWMI Past Presidents

Heidi Doran Founder - 1981
Betty Pearson 1982-1984
Bredna West-Cornell 1984-1986
Marge Corwin 1986-1990
Patricia Avent 1990-1993
Jean Schultz 1993-1994
Susan Ferns 1995-1996
Jody Pitts 1997-1998
Sandra Jagodzinski 1999-2000
Sue Utton 2001-2002
Pamela Edmiston 2003-2004
Victoria Zanutto 2005-2006
Terry Miller 2007-2008
Jacque Cech 2009-2010
Sian Marcone 2011-2012
Tamela Olt 2013-2014
Donna Peters 2014-2015
Carol Chizmar 2016-2017

AWMI has committees, headed by the appropriate chairperson, to assist AWMI in formulating policies and in directing affairs.

Executive Committee Sonya Malvick, International President
Finance Committee Beth Kitson, Chair
Marketing Committee Anna Tompkins, Chair
Membership Committee Becky Dolan, Chair
Mentoring Committee Sian Marcone, Chair
Policy & Guidelines Committee Carol Chizmar, International Past President
Programs Committee Kelly Jones, International Programs Chair
Scholarship Committee Andrea Schmidt, Chair
Website Committee Anna Tompkins, Social Media and Website Chair

To learn more or to volunteer, please contact the appropriate Committee chair.

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