Scholarship Programs

AWMI Scholarship Programs have been established in accordance with the AWMI purposes and objectives, as stated in our bylaws, to encourage and further develop the educational and professional backgrounds as well as the career development of our members. AWMI members are actively encouraged to participate in this program to realize this important benefit of membership.

Scholarship Programs exist on the Chapter level as well as the International level.

Chapter Scholarship Programs may be used for coursework at an accredited school, college, or university; books; educational seminars; AWMI conference-related expenses (non-board members only); and, with prior approval by the Chapter board, childcare or transportation costs incurred in conjunction with educational pursuits.

International Conference Scholarship Fund monies are intended for attendance at AWMI conferences (non-board members only).

In both cases, scholarship recipients must be AWMI members in good standing for at least one year (defined as having paid dues for the current and previous years) and should remain an AWMI member for at least one year after receiving the award, or risk having to repay the monies.

If you are interested in obtaining scholarship information, follow the link to the Application Form below. Please indicate the intended use of the award and be sure to check the box marked Scholarship Information. Your Chapter will then forward the information/application to you. If you do not belong to a Chapter and are an International Member, you will receive the information from the International Secretary. All scholarship applications must be received a minimum of eight (8) weeks prior to conference/meeting dates or will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified six (6) weeks prior to the registration deadline.

Please print the International Conference Scholarship Form and return the form to AWMI Headquarters at via fax: 856-423-3420 or email: [email protected].

Your form will be directed to your local chapter and a chapter representative will contact you.


Please print the International Scholarship Donation Form and send with your check to:

AWMI International Headquarters
19 Mantua Road
Mt Royal, NJ 08061

Indicate on your check that the donation is for the International Scholarship Fund.

Credit Card Donations are acceptable also.

International Conference Scholarship Application

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