AWMI Mentoring

AWMI Mentoring Program

AWMI is proud to offer a formal, broad-based mentoring program that allows us to match AWMI members with a mentor on a short-term/ad-hoc (< 3 months) or long-term (3 months or greater) basis. The program is open to all AWMI members in good standing (defined as dues paid in the current year).

Benefits of Mentoring

To the mentee

  • Chance to connect and engage in a professional relationship that allows for the closing of skill gaps, knowledge transfer about our industry, and sharing of expertise
  • Increased confidence
  • Exposure to new and changing perspectives
  • Broadened professional network

To the mentor

  • Ability to enhance professional skills such as teaching, counseling, advising, and guiding
  • Improved communication, empathy, and active listening
  • Opportunity to test new ideas and gain new perspective
  • Pride in mentee’s growth

Looking for a mentor?

AWMI members interested in being matched with a mentor click here to complete a brief questionnaire, and we’ll connect you with a mentor.

Want to serve as a mentor?

AWMI members interested in being a mentor (you can be a mentor and still use the program yourself if you choose), click here. You can choose the duration, and you will always be consulted before being assigned a mentee. The link will take you to a brief mentor survey (be sure to click “enable all features” to open up a fillable form) that will add you to our mentor database and help us make the best mentor/mentee match. Please email your completed survey to [email protected].

Questions about the Mentoring program?

Please send an email to [email protected] with subject: Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Documents and Tips
Coming Soon!

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