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Dear AWMI Leaders and Mentors,

Welcome to 2018!  For our new Chapter Presidents who may not be familiar with this message, I send out a Mentoring Note about once each month to share new ideas, provide some reminders throughout the year, and generally send bits of wisdom I’ve discovered or have picked up from others.  If there’s a topic you would like addressed, please share with the group or contact me privately.

If you are no longer the Chapter President, please forward this message on to your successor.  As always, I encourage you to forward these Mentoring Notes to all of your board and/or committee members.  And if your chapter’s updated roster has not yet been submitted, remind your Chapter Secretary that the task should be completed as quickly as possible.  It is very important that up-to-date rosters are in place for all of our leadership for many reasons, and especially because our Association Directors and Officers Liability Insurance coverage is based on the rosters.

I want to share with you an updated version of the “AWMI Summary” sheet (attached).  This document gives a one-page snapshot of the association and is a great tool for membership recruitment or to provide general information about AWMI when approaching speakers for your meetings.

And on the topic of getting/being organized……attached is an article I pulled from the Southwest magazine.  As if we needed proof of it, research shows that being organized and tidy can increase your attention span!

You’ll be much more efficient when there is “a place for everything, and everything in its place”.  If you can get yourself organized and keep things that way, you’ll be able to find things quickly and not waste time when looking for things.  Practice the principles of Lean, and you’ll find a renewed level of calm when going about your daily tasks and can quickly put your hands on what you need. 

  • Sort – separate those items used more frequently and keep them close
  • Set In Order – organize those most-used items and after use each time, put them back where they belong
  • Shine – clean and inspect your work area
  • Standardize – as much as you can, standardize the methods used to accomplish tasks so as to facilitate efficiency
  • Sustain – keep it up!

The Mentoring Committee members are always available to you; please let me know if we can provide assistance.  I am available during business hours here at work (925-373-3685), or after hours on my cell (510-541-4443); don’t hesitate to call during the week or on weekends.

Thanks for reading,

Victoria Zanutto-Kautz
Administrative Assistant/Claims Coordinator
Ryerson/1061, Livermore CA

AWMI International Mentoring Chair


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