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With our membership drive ongoing, and with many of our chapters having new leaders, it’s a good time to remind everyone of an important step in the membership process.  Please share this with your board members.

Per our Policy and Guidelines Manual, each new member must be voted in by the respective chapter board.  (Section A, Page 3)  This can be done at a regularly scheduled board meeting, or it can be done via special board meeting called via conference call or email.   It’s important to follow this policy and to include the pertinent information in the meeting minutes.

And here’s a great article that speaks to the benefit the kind of “open network” that AWMI provides (thanks Sian and Mary!).   Women and men who want to grow and learn will find that participating in the events and leadership opportunities that AWMI provides will expand their universe and offer networking and mentoring that is unparalleled in our industry.   The more exposure, the better your chances for career advancement.

Over the years, recruiting/advertising tools have been created locally to encourage membership.  I’m attaching a few for your review; these documents are in formats that allow for you to tailor to fit your particular chapter.

AWMI Member Drive Info Sheet
AWMI Postcard
Why AWMI 2014

Thanks for reading!


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