FAQs about AWMI

  • How is AWMI structured?

AWMI is structured into three divisions:  International, which administers the entire organization, plans international meetings, manages the website, etc; Regional, which manages the day-to-day operations of the local chapter boards; and Chapters, which manage local activities.

  • What are the advantages of becoming an AWMI member as opposed to other professional organizations?

The advantage of AWMI is our commitment to the growth and education of our members.  We do this through leadership opportunities, monthly meetings, newsletters and mentoring programs providing our members with the educational vehicles by which to network and grow.

  • How do I sell my company on reimbursing me for my AWMI dues?

After attending a meeting, write up a report summarizing what you learned at the meeting and how others in your company could benefit from that information.  Look at the membership list and see if there are any of your customers or potential customers as members.  Set goals to get to know these members.

  • What would be the first step in becoming more active in AWMI?

The first step would be to attend more meetings and to volunteer at our functions.  This provides members with a way to easily meet other members, become familiar with their peers and become a familiar face all at the same time.

  • How do I use the AWMI website?

In your browser, type www.awmi.org.  In the site, you will be able to access general information available to those without membership registration.  However, there is a members’ only area where you can search for other members and contact Board members.  To access this area, you must be a registered AWMI member.  You will receive the User ID and password from our International Headquarters.

  • What about corporate memberships?

We began offering corporate membership at various levels with great success in 2005.  Please see Corporate Membership for details.  If you have further questions, please contact anyone on the International Membership Chair.

  • Has AWMI ever considered changing its name to attract new members?

The subject has been broached, but AWMI feels that the name reflects who we are and what we have chartered ourselves to accomplish.  Our focus remains on female members and there is still a need to keep this focus.  We do, however, have a substantial number of male members who regularly take advantage of the many member benefits of AWMI.

  • What does AWMI do with the member’s annual dues?

The dues cover the operational costs of running AWMI, including printing, postage, service awards, insurance, and taxes.

  • Does AWMI create any revenue from the monthly meetings?

The goal of the monthly meetings is to pay for themselves.  Many times the chapter will subsidize these meetings due to low attendance or price increases from the site.

  • What does AWMI do with fundraising monies?

Golf outings, raffles, auctions, and other fundraising events are a Chapter’s only way to generate income.  These monies pay for scholarships, the newsletter and subsidize monthly meetings as well as cover the expenses of doing Chapter business such as printing, postage, service awards, insurance and taxes.

  • What is the AWMI scholarship program all about?  And who qualifies?

All members in good standing for at least one year are eligible to apply for scholarship funds.  A set amount of funds is designated each year.  Funds can support members in their educational endeavors outside of AWMI monthly and annual meetings.  They have been used in the past to assist members in attending the AWMI International Conferences (AIC), training seminars, school fees, etc.  Contact your local AWMI Chapter President or AWMI’s International Secretary for more information.

  • How does a member get elected to the AWMI Board of Directors?

Each August, nominations are accepted for candidates to the Board of Directors.  Nominees are contacted to review their commitment and interests.  All qualified nominees are placed on the ballot.  Only regular members with a minimum of two years’ membership are eligible for nomination.  Any member can nominate a regular member, or you can be self-nominated.

  • What are the current demographics of AWMI?

The demographics of AWMI are as follows:

Gender – 80% Female – 20% Male

Where Our Members Work:

32% - Service Centers/Distribution
25% - Mills
12% - OEM (Manufacturers)
14% - Processor/Fabrication
17% - Other (i.e. Recycling/Scrap, Professional Services, Transportation, Trading Companies, Publication Media, etc.)

  • How are the speakers chosen for the monthly meetings?

Speakers are discussed and selected throughout the year.  Sometimes we will see a speaker at another venue and ask them to speak, and others approach us.  Most importantly, we look for speakers that will benefit our members and their companies.

  • AWMI has been concentrating on mentoring.  How would I find a member within the organization to be my mentor?

The easiest way is by coming to our meetings and events.  There is no doubt that you will find someone at these events that will provide excellent mentoring skills.  If that doesn’t work for you, call a Board member and we will find you a mentor that works within your field.

  • Are AWMI dues tax-deductible?

AWMI is a 501©6 organization and dues, meeting expenses and donations are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as a normal business expense. If you have any questions, please contact your accountant or tax advisor.

Corporate Members

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